The following size chart is a general guideline to help you determine your child’s correct sizing. DUE TO THE VARIETY OF TYPES OF DRESSES WE PRODUCE, the dress length will vary. DUE TO THE VARIETY OF TYPES OF JOHN JOHNS WE PRODUCE, strides will vary. Please keep in mind size chart DOES NOT pertain to Samples and Bloomers. If you have detailed sizing questions, please contact us via email, [email protected].

Preemieto 18”to 5lbs
Newbornto 21”to 8lbs
3 months21” to 24”to 12lbs
6 months24” to 27”12 to 16lbs
9 months27” to 29”16 to 18lbs
12 months29” to 31”18 to 23lbs
18 months31” to 33”23 to 26lbs
24 months32” to 35”26 to 29lbs
2T33” to 35”26 to 30lbs
3T35” to 38”30 to 34lbs
4T38” to 41”34 to 39lbs
441” to 44”39 to 43lbs
544” to 46”43 to 47lbs
646” to 47”47 to 52lbs
6x47” to 48”52 to 57lbs
748” to 49”
849” to 50”