Our Story + Give Back

It was a life-changing trip to my birth village in Vietnam that sparked the creation of Remember Nguyen. One of nine children, I moved to the United States from war-torn Vietnam as a small child. In 2002, with over twenty members of my family, I returned for the first time to Vietnam to see where I was born. Words can not describe what an eye-opening experience this was for me. Growing up with all my basic needs met, I was shocked to see my extended family and village living in huts with dirt floors and no running water, everyday conveniences that I took for granted. Wearing smocked john johns, my son’s outfit drew the interest of neighboring women. We decided to take his longalls apart to see if we could put them back together again. Over the course of the next week, over 50 women showed up at our hut wanting me to teach them the art of smocking.


Upon arriving back home, I couldn’t stop thinking about the women. I not only wanted to help them but strongly felt that I needed to help them. My mother and I decided we must raise the money and invest in the women giving them the gift of financial integrity. We provided them with scholarships to learn the art of fine needlework with the goal of not only empowering them but also their families and their village.


Over the next decade, what started out with just 50 women blossomed into 500 women. It’s been extraordinary to see our beloved employees now able to support their families and send their children to school, a deed most dear to their hearts. Empowered, highly-skilled women now train and help others as they themselves were once helped. Due to the success of Remember Nguyen, we’ve been able to boost not only the village economy but outlying areas as well. We’ve been able to take on community projects like donating stained glass windows to the local church and outdoor play equipment for the children. With the recent creation of Baby Sen and Phoenix N Ren, the sister companies to Remember Nguyen, it is our goal in the next three years to build the very first playground and daycare for the children. With the donation of $1 added onto your purchase, you will be helping us raise funds to build the playground and daycare for the children of the village.


While giving back, my goal continues to be the production of the highest quality children’s garments drawing upon the heirloom styling and craftsmanship of yesteryear. I want Remember Nguyen, Phoenix N Ren, and Baby Sen to bring a smile to people’s faces and an appreciation of the hand-embroidered and hand-smocked adornments of the past. I personally fashion each collection with your little one in mind, merging comfort and heirloom elements into a timeless look that will last a lifetime.

Kim Anh Ho, Owner of Remember Nguyen