About Us

Initially, 100 interested persons from a quaint but poor Vietnamese village were given scholarships to learn fine needle arts. They now work together to design, produce and distribute children's apparel. The fashions they produce are lovely, wearable children's clothing with craftsmanship reminiscent of yesteryear. The monies that are earned help to contribute to the well being of the individual and the village. Now even the outlying region are finding a boost to their economy since there are over 1,000 needle artists producing these lovely garments and among these are highly qualified trainers helping others as they themselves were once helped.

Remember Nguyen Apparel was the brainchild of Kim Nguyen Ho and her mother, Phuoc Truong who after a 2002 visit to the village of their birth were appalled to see the conditions of the children and families. They raised the money to give villagers the gift of financial integrity through the sewing courses. Now they act as the liaisons, product line evaluators, importers and wholesalers.

The decision to produce children's clothing meant that we would focus all our energies and resources on producing garments for the well-dressed child. The garments we stitch are chosen to be worn for special times, special photographs, and to capture that nostalgic feeling with a modern day function and flair. Both boys and girls outfits are stylish and sturdy, making them also good choices for everyday wear.

With the addition of this web page, Remember Nguyen now makes it easier than ever to purchase your own garment or to find the dealer closest to where you can shop.